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Creating a Steel PhysiqueTM is similar to creating real steel; it is a process.  The first step in making steel is to purify the iron and then add other elements to make it stronger.  In this case, the iron represents your body.  You must first purify your body and get rid of the impurities of your life, i.e., in-activeness and complacency, in order to start the process of creating a Steel PhysiqueTM.  You must then add the elements of commitment, dedication, and perseverance with the Steel Physique SystemTM.  In addition, heat must be applied to the purified iron and other elements and then cooled down to make it even stronger.  We will be doing the same within our workouts; we will be heating up our bodies and cooling them down to gain more strength.  Let's take the journey together and create some heat....creating our Steel PhysiqueTM.

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Developing a Steel PhysiqueTM is more than just engaging in another fitness program.  Having a Steel PhysiqueTM is all about adopting a lifestyle that originates from the inner being of who you are; transcends through the body that you've always wanted; and inspires those around you.


The Steel PhysiqueTM philosophy is a comprehensive journey consisting of muscle development to increase metabolism, cardio conditioning to burn fat, and mind/body connection to maximize the experience. Whether your goal is to lose weight or tone up, the ultimate benefit is discovering your inner STEEL.  You will begin to notice a change not only in your body's physique, but also a change in your entire outlook on life.  You will begin to get stronger within your body and within your overall confidence and will.

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